Sidebar Creative Web Design Master Class

Who is Sidebar Creative?

The founders of this creative collective have over 50 years of experience as practitioners and teachers, designing and building the sites and apps that make the web. And now they want to teach you everything they know.

Dan Rubin Follow @danrubin on Twitter

headshot of Dan Rubin

An accomplished designer, author and speaker, Dan has over ten years of experience as a leader in the fields of user interface design and web standards. He specifically focuses on the use of design, HTML and CSS to streamline development and improve accessibility.

His passion for all things creative and artistic isn’t a solely selfish endeavor either—you’ll frequently find him waxing educational about a cappella jazz and barbershop harmony, philosophy, web standards, typography, psychology, and design in general.

When he isn’t busy Tweeting, teaching, or with his work, writings, and various side projects, he can be explored in and around the vicinity of Sidebar Creative and his personal site, Superfluous Banter.

Steve Smith Follow @orderedlist on Twitter

headshot of Steve Smith

Steve architects user interfaces and web designs. But it’s about more than just design, as he brings a passion for simplicity and usability.

He is a recognized authority on front-end development and interface design. He is an entrepreneur, designing and building Harmony, founding Ordered List, and co-founding Sidebar Creative. And as an author, public speaker, and University of Notre Dame professor, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

In the rare times he’s not working, he’s either on the golf course, making home-brewed beer, or spending time with the family.

Jonathan Snook Follow @snookca on Twitter

headshot of Jonathan Snook

Jonathan is a creator of striking designs, impeccable markup and code, and forward-thinking ideas and applications.

From front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, Jonathan shares tips, tricks and bookmarks on his personal site,, along with other publications online and offline. He’s also coauthored two acclaimed books: Accelerated DOM Scripting, and the approachable, widely-read The Art and Science of CSS (on which Steve Smith also contributed).

While not working with his cohorts in Sidebar Creative, Jonathan also works as Lead Prototyper for Yahoo! and shares his knowledge and experience at other workshops and conferences around the world.

Bryan Veloso Follow @bryanveloso on Twitter

headshot of Bryan Veloso

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Bryan is an eternal student of the web and everything that it offers. Solely an interface designer in times past, the always vibrant flame of entrepreneurship pushed him into programming and points beyond. He now strives to be a true hybrid, striking a balance between detail-oriented design and test-driven development.

By day, he works to make the lives of developers more enjoyable as a member of Github’s design arsenal. By nightfall, he uses his aforementioned skills to build products for the fandoms of the world and Japan-centric niches as one half of Revyver. In the free time he manages to find, he’s either in the line of fire on the Xbox 360, brushing up on his rusty “dancing on a metal pad” skills, waking up late for Sidebar Creative calls, or spending time with his better half and his five feline companions.