Best Sidebars For WordPress Sites!

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If you are looking for a custom design of your sidebar – let us know. We can create sidebars which will fit your site perfectly.

If you are showing to the user website which fits his needs perfectly, he is more likely to visit you again or to place an order on your site. You can build long time relationship with visitors just by presenting the perfect sidebar.

One of our customers – wanted to use custom sidebars for the visitors to display the most suitable casino bonus offers for the users. It was a challenge for us, as we had to make sure that each user will get the correct sidebar with offers displayed when visiting the website.

Another thing was the customised no deposit free spins offers, where each user can claim free spins based on the country of registration. We have managed to create a custom solution which now works perfectly for our customer.

Each user is now treated personally, and the sidebar shows only available casino offers that can be easily claimed with one click from the sidebar.


If you are looking for custom design and solutions for your website, get in touch with us. Our team will present you with a ready project within 24 hours. Custom sidebars will allow you to make your site more attractive for the visitors. Each user will be treated personally and will be more likely to recommend your site to friends and to visit your website again in the future.

We have an experience with the casino, games, poker, sportsbook sites, as well as online stores, blogs, magazines or portfolio websites. Tell us more about your needs and we will create a custom project for you. Your website will stand out from the crowd and you will be able to offer a unique experience for the customers and visitors.